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After first traveling in India, Tikki Masala was inspired by the deep flavors of authentic Indian classical music. Tikki Masala blends together sounds of classical Indian instruments like the Sitar, Tabla, Santoor, Sarod, Flute Vocals and Tampura ... with beats, synthesizers, drums and percussion. Recordings made ​across India from Bhajans, Kirtans, Mantras street musicians, fellow travelers, jam

sessions, nature and temple sounds are mixed together with psychedelic hypnotic electronic sounds, rhythms and bass lines.

The music genre can be discribed as Indian Flavored electronic Fusion Music or Indian Electronica with an ethnic world fusion touch. 

From Ambient to Worldbeat, 

Psychedelic Downtempo, Ethnostep, Psychill, Psybient, Psydub, Goatrance.

enjoy listening.



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Mystical Realms

(A mystical journey through the realms of consciousness)

Indian Electronica, Deep Ambient Downtempo.


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Dil Ka Desh

(Land Of the Heart)


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Tikki Masala Unplugged are recordings with a mouth harp, Dan Moi, (Jew harp, jaw harp Guimbarde) from Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia. The mouth harp is a rhythmic instrument with overtones and is in a fixed scale. Its played with the mouth, Sounds are modified by tong lips throat and belly. Breathing is one of the important Technics to play different rhythms and variations. Here some recordings made from jam sessions with other musicians in India. Most recordings are made live in bars, restaurants, on the beach or on the Fire. 

Thanks to the people for playing together, and sharing this wonderful time.

Tikki Masala Unplugged

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